Managing patient information using the right EMR  or EHR helps improve the ability of medical practices to reduce paperwork, quickly share pertinent medical information, and address billing. Read on to learn about PrognoCIS and how it can benefit the needs of your medical practice and enhance client care.

PrognoCIS Review 2019

To better serve the needs of a medical practice, utilizing electronic health record software or electronic medical record software improves efficiency, productivity, and sharing of pertinent information.

PrognoCIS is one of the many EMR software available to assist practices with organizing, managing, and quickly accessing patient's medical files. Additionally, practices can adjust patient schedules, project revenue, manage insurance and billing, and use various templates.

Ambulatory services and medical practices rely on reliable systems to store and access patient information, which is necessary to render swift and accurate treatment plans.

Over 15,000 medical professionals have successfully used this cloud-based platform to facilitate millions of patient interactions.

What Is PrognoCIS And How Does It Work

PrognoCIS is a software developed by the privately owned Bizmatics, Inc.., located in San Jose, California. Bizmatics has been in the business of creating software for medical and healthcare solutions since its inception in 2002. Bizmatics is responsible for serving various clients within the United States, Carribean, and Puerto Rico.

This EMR software has been found useful for persons in medical administration, physicians, and health systems who need a reliable way to manage workflow. There is much versatility offered by this software, which has been used by cardiologists, family practices, oncology, and other specialized services.

PrognoCIS is capable of offering clients the following benefits.


  • There are custom SOAP, H&P, and PE templates available
  • Clients can access customer support via online chat, email, or phone
  • The ability to utilize cloud web-based solutions or client-server is present

Some users may be dismayed that this EMR software is incompatible with Mac devices. Also, the available templates on this EMR software may prove challenging to customize for some clients.

What Makes PrognoCIS Unique?

Clients may be happy to know that this EMR software is scalable, and is capable of growing alongside a burgeoning practice. Both the ONC ATCB and the CCHIT have certified this product for its integration and usefulness in facilities.

Users who choose this software can tap into a  vibrant community of users who willingly engage in discussion to share information. The community is willing to assist with anyone desiring to learn more about optimizing the software for their firm.

Clients navigating the software can streamline their workflow via features such as the following.

  • Patients' Portal
  • ePrescription
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Online Payments

There are additional helpful features that are beneficial to a solo practice or larger clinics with diverse specialties.

The prognoSIGN feature on this software is useful for medical professionals and patients for preparing patients' documents via mobile devices or a desktop. Clients can take advantage of the enhanced visibility of patient records, make amendments as needed, and reduce the slower process of relying solely on paper documentation.

Confirming a patients' eligibility with insurance is handled quickly with this software. And, practices will appreciate adequate resources regarding reconciliation of patient insurance billing and manage accounting needs.

Thanks to the Patient's Portal, appointment reminders, lab results, and statements can be readily delivered to patients via mobile and other Internet-connected devices. Also, both patients and physicians can easily access records and interact with one another efficiently and quickly.


Regarding pricing for this reviewed EMR software, clients are encouraged to contact the company to utilize a free demo and will be offered a quote. Typically, there is a rate of $250 per provider. However,  plans for pricing are released only when requested

Perception Of PrognoCIS

Beyond understanding the unique features of an EMR software, it is valuable to review real-life clients who currently rely on the system.

According to sources like Software Advice, some professionals felt that this platform offered much better customer service when it first started. But, as it has grown considerably larger, there have been some notable quality issues.

The server may seem to slow down a bit, and there have been experiences of a complete shut-down of the system for a few minutes, up to a full 24 hours.

One company who has stuck with this software for seven years has found the value for the price point to be good. But, they too have had problems with lost data and system inadequacies.

The remote access is one of the biggest perks of this platform. Plus, there is no need for IT professionals to come in and assist with transferring patient data and other information.

The demo for this software is excellent, and the ease of use for workflow is reliable.

Overall, the biggest concerns are that tech support is located overseas and has some slight communication and response time issues. And, the system does crash inadvertently, which makes it impossible to access records due to the server. Sometimes clients have had to start over using this program.

How It Compares

Before making a final decision on an EMR or EHR for a practice, it is helpful to compare and contrast similar software. The following health management software options were considered as equally sound options that may have pros or cons comparable to the reviewed software.



This healthcare platform provides users with a system to manage workflow that is charged via a monthly fee, annual subscription or has a free option.

Both multi-use and single providers, and private practices can utilize this software.

Small and medium-sized clients are best served with this platform, and the price options are quoted.

Clients can take advantage of features such as patient and physician scheduling, online visibility, and a self-service portal. Plus, clients can get real-time results so they can better curate their services and make adjustments to boost their reputation and bottom line. Search engines are linked up to this platform, so practices can better connect potential patients seeking healthcare services.

Patient engagement and retention is a key focus, using SEO-compatible design and content to increase visibility and marketability. Online booking is available 24/7.


Client engagement and retention is necessary for a medical practice to thrive.

All types of small, medium and large firms can comfortably integrate AthenaHealth software, using features such as secure text messaging, care coordination, and medical billing.

AthenaHealth is comprised of five different types of healthcare solutions. Some of the solutions include   AthenaClinicals, AthenaCoordinator, and AthenaCollector.

All medical records that a doctor may want to access are stored in the cloud, reducing space and money spent on managing file cabinets. Patients can readily access their physician's office via messaging or email.

The coordination features work to reduce no-shows and appointment rescheduling; Windows and Mac are both compatible with this platform.


This platform is priced at a higher rate per provider, valued at $449 per provider. Payments are on a monthly basis.

Clients can use this web-based software for urgent care, telemedicine, and medical billing.

The company eClinicalWorks was founded in 1999 and has continued to be sought after as a paperless solution to streamline the workflow of various healthcare firms.

Out-patient departments in hospitals, clinics, and solo private practices whether small, medium, or large can integrate this platform.

This software has won awards and has settings for ambulatory surgical centers, mobile clinics, and primary care offices.

Unification within this healthcare management system provides a seamless workflow between the front office, physicians, and billing, from the time a patient enters for services until they depart.

All types of information, ranging from lab results, management of prescribed medicines, and other pertinent data are accessible via mobile Internet-connected devices.

There are two different price plans available for clients, utilizing features such as referral management, 24/7 customer support, and disaster recovery. It's no wonder why this platform is produced by one of the top  20 rated EHR software companies.

The emphasis on customers and usability have provided a high level of client satisfaction.


MediTouch offers a free demo of its services similar to other platforms. However, payment for services is on a monthly basis.

Touted as a customer-focused healthcare solution, practices and facilities can utilize patient information management, billing management, and payment processing.

Reporting functions on this platform can be tapped by clients so that medical professionals can improve scheduling, revenue cycle management, and learn about the firm's fiscal health.

The interface is intuitive and easy for clients to navigate. And this platform has proven stable enough to integrate with other EHR or EMR.

Customer support is rendered mobile or online, and the software focuses on import and export of data.


This platform is available to clients with a monthly charge and is projected with a fee of $149. Pricing may also be quote-based depending on needs.

When it comes to managing reimbursements and claims for services rendered, this software streamlines the process and improves overall workflow.

Ideal for small and medium-sized firms, there are three different pricing plans available with various features.

NueMed is useful because it is capable of integration with other systems, included but not limited to PracticeFusion, Medstrat, and Ambir.

The ability to customize operations of this software for over a hundred different specialties is offered. Thanks to the mobile app, remotely performing necessary tasks is easy, and teams can be involved in real time no matter their physical location.

Using this software, clients can manage patient data, order tests, order medications, and address claims.


PracticeFusion is unique because it offers features such as data import from outside party applications, provides appointment scheduling and management, and instant patient referrals. Small, medium, and large firms can comfortably integrate this software for their needs.

Integration with other platforms for healthcare services, such as NueMed is a streamlined process.

This software is hosted on web-based cloud servers and is offered at no cost. To better serve patients and facilities, clients who rely on this platform can easily schedule and manage patients, integrate labs, and employ paperless services.

Access to this platform is capable on any Internet-connected device.

There is an emphasis on this software being user-friendly, as it includes test data for new users to ensure ease of use, and provide a better gauge on services.

Over a thousand different standard and customizable templates provided, which are conveniently stored in a built-in library for easy retrieval.

What We Think

This software has key features that are desirable, as patients and medical professionals can access the platform via tablet, smartphone, desktop, and other devices.

Learning how to use this system to improve facility organization and productivity is easy, and the interface is user-friendly.

Both small offices and larger multi-clinic facilities can integrate this software to meet their workflow needs.

However, it may be time-consuming when having to transfer patient records over, as the files will be converted into a PDF. Clients may need to be prepared to enter patient information manually and to adjust for challenges in readability of information initially.

If there are any troubleshooting issues, it is nice that this software provides live chat and other methods of contact.

With the ability to log-in from nearly any time from an Internet-connected device, the multiple custom templates available, and the ability to use a free demo before committing fully, purchasing PrognoCIS is a reliable and sound option for many types of medical professionals.

If a facility likes to use Mac devices, this is not a good software option. Also, some smaller practices may feel that some of the features offered by this software are a better fit for larger firms.

The ability to contact and receive helpful customer support has mixed reviews. There may be a delay on getting assistance with relearning the interface after upgrades. Some clients have felt some confusion with new material offered by the company to navigate new changes and other necessary adjustments.

Overall, this robust software has received a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.  Most clients and patients have found interacting with this platform satisfactory.

Choosing this software is a good value option, has a user-friendly interface, and is scalable with frequent updates.

There have not been any significant reports of multiple security breaches for clients using this software. Clients who have experienced incidents involving hacking and leaked records using this platform are very minimal.

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