Finding the best electronic health record software for your healthcare business often comes down to what type of care you provide and what industry or facility you work in. These software programs help increase your quality of patient care and improve workflow, but it’s important to compare a few options to ensure you find the best one for you.

Learn about everything PointClickCare’s software can offer you, who can get the most from the product, and what other reviews have to say about the usability and integration of the software. Before you ask for your quote, consider if a competitor may be more suited and read what we have to say.  

What is PointClickCare?

PointClickCare is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR). Formerly known as EMR, EHR software allows the medical field to store patient data and communicate with patients in an electronic format. This solution was specifically designed for the post-acute care and long-term industries, including the following businesses:

  • Care delivery management
  • Financial management
  • Marketing
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Quality and compliance

Using technological advancements like EHRs allows healthcare professionals to provide better services to patients and improve their overall quality of life while saving money and time on administrative tasks like paperwork and filing. The software aims to improve the following:

  • Business performance
  • Patient document and sensitive data management
  • Data entry accuracy
  • Reimbursement and invoicing accuracy
  • Time wasted on non-medical tasks
  • The patient’s quality of care

EHR software is used in a variety of healthcare settings, and the software was chosen often depends on what type of facility you work in and your specific job. Each organization has specific needs, and different software programs were created to address various needs. Some applications can be modified for size, number of employees or clients, and various industry uses. However, they’re not all created equal.

PointClickCare is great whether you’re a nurse, work in a senior living facility, or offer home care health services. No matter what size your practice is, this software works; the company was even named one of the top 20 software companies for electronic health records.

How Does It Work?

This practice suite was created to improve the care delivery of your business, and the platform allows you to streamline workflows and provides the tools needed to run a successful business online easily. Whether you’re working with the system or a patient, the interface is user-friendly.

The care management module feature displays your medications, nutrition information, skin and wound log, point of care, practitioner engagement, and even shares secure conversations between doctors and their patients.

Where in the past doctors has to communicate vital information like diagnosis in person, these online platforms offer secure ways to share insights on care plans or collaborate with other medical professionals. This speeds along the decision-making process when determining the right path for care and may even help patients see results faster, improving the quality of care for everyone.

The ability of doctors to communicate more easily through technology speeds up the process in other ways as well. Features like business analytics show reports and other analytics in a user-friendly dashboard, listing real-time tasks and important notifications. Professionals use this data as an insight into the quality of care they provide, which is comparable to their competitors.

With this software, you can be ready for the unexpected. You can use it on touch-screen devices and communicate via a HIPPA-compliant and secure text messaging platform. Users can track calls, monitor insurance coverage, and even check pre-admission eligibility.

PointClickCare is best for small and mid-sized businesses, and supports the following types of devices:

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Web-based

What Makes PointClickCare Unique?

One of the coolest things about this EHR software is that it is perfect for small businesses and even freelance providers. Regardless of the size of the practice, you can manage your business with ease. Long-term care providers of all sizes can take advantage of this software, as it was designed to log and manage the complete life-cycle of resident care.

The complete picture that is seamlessly created can be used to provide better, more well-rounded care for patients. The system also helps in a clinical setting, where billing and administrative tasks can take up too much time and effort, costing already low-funded healthcare facilities reimbursement time that could be spent helping patients.

Plus, phone support is offered in addition to online training and webinars to get the system up and train employees to use the new process.


Like many other EHR software companies, PointClickCare’s SMB and enterprise prices are only available on request. Each company prefers to delve into your specific needs, so contact the company to ask for a quote.

What Other Reviews of PointClickCare Say

The main goal with software like this is to provide better patient care and improve customer service standards in the industry, and many reviews say this company offers great services and features for the price. Overall, reviews are positive, and people seem to enjoy using the software.


Users have said the software is easy to use compared to similar options, and most providers were able to implement the system and train employees to use it with little to no effort or downtime. Compared to other software programs, this option is fast, accurate, and easy.

Whether you’re looking and financial charts or managing resident care on the system, you can customize and easily navigate to find what you need. Even non-tech savvy individuals say they had no trouble using this software, which can make all the difference in the world – especially in the healthcare industry.

One of many users’ favorite things about this program was the built-in reminders to help with census entries and billing or keep up with daily tasks. Integrating into the system was easy, and it makes accounting and referral tasks easier for management. In fact, transferring between solutions was almost painless for most reviewers.

Plus, the cloud-based ability makes it easy for all of a patient’s important data to be stored, shared, and pulled up on a variety of devices. This is especially vital to senior living care, where paper data would have spanned many years and potentially be lost. Home care agencies can also use mobile apps to connect with patients today and work toward a tech-savvy future.

Different departments can use the product at the same time, and one system can be used to manage all your needs in one place. In a workplace, this helps keep everyone on the same page and reduces the amount of time needed communicating with in-house employees.

The vendor is also always willing a ready to assist you with any need. Even negative reviews note the customer service as a huge pro for this company. They know how to talk to non-tech savvy people and walk you through complicated issues when needed.


The biggest con with this platform is that the reports cannot always be manipulated in Excel, and many are set up in the system as PDF forms only. If the documents could be edited using Excel or at least exportable into another software, the functionality might be better.

Some users have also said the charting was limiting at times and the invoice option doesn’t allow you to alter anything after they are entered. Instead of making changes to the invoice, it must be voided and recreated – which can be a pain on time constraints.

Other issues are small among reviews. One review, for example, points out that the drug allergy listings should be on a more prominent place or that other medications are listed in a separated category. Customization may be needed to fix particular issues like this, allowing providers to choose where the information is stored.

How PointClickCare Compares to Competitors

There are many EHR software systems on the market today, many of which were designed with a specific type of patient in mind. PointClickCare, for example, was created with senior care in mind. A couple other competitors that were designed for long-term care include Comet and Grove Menus.

Comet is a fully integrated EHR for nursing homes and other types of long-term care facilities. Like Point Click, you have to contact the company for pricing information. However, this option is better for mid-size to large businesses, and it even offers a staff directory in the program to help collaboration.

With Comet, you can create a slew of features. It has everything you could need to manage a long-term facility, including the following:

  • Mailing labels
  • Pre-formatted letters
  • Time cards
  • Staff scheduling
  • Building maintenance
  • Spending plan management
  • Admissions management
  • Rehabilitation management
  • Patient records management
  • Workflow management
  • Resident information and census management
  • Vendor information management
  • Electronic health record
  • Point of care system
  • Medication tracking
  • Nursing form tracking
  • Resident tracking
  • Activity tracking
  • Data importing/exporting
  • Managerial reports
  • Financial reports
  • Medicare reimbursement

Reviews of Comet show their customer support is highly valued, and there are online and phone support option to aid you. Perhaps this is because users have said the system isn’t as easy to use as some other competitors.

However, Comet does offer automated scheduling, charting, and both records and workflow management. These features are guaranteed to save you time and money, allowing you to spend more time caring for patients and less time worrying over filing the proper form in the correct location. If Comet only offered automatic, real-time reminders, it would truly have it all.

Grove Menus, on the other hand, has excellent ease of use ratings. They even offer video tutorials in addition to online and phone support. This web-based system is a menu planning program designed to help personal care facilities like senior living. Perfect for writing daily menus and controlling production costs, you can track the cost of the food and meals you give out at your facility.

The customizable menu templates in Grove Menus help you organize information to your needs, and real-time reminders keep productivity on track throughout the workday. This system is said to work really well, no matter what size business you have.

Designed to track health in a different way than the aforementioned competitors, Grove Menus helps with anything food related.

You can write menus, generate order and shopping lists, store favorite recipes in a database and share them with others, plan requirements, and print tray cards for nursing homes. While it doesn’t track health needs or other medical information like the others, it does save time planning meals every week and estimate food costs.

Grove Menus does have one thing neither competitors come with though: Microsoft Excel integration. Supervisors can track or monitor the daily intake and list of ingredients of each resident using the spreadsheet, and Excel makes it easier than ever to modify and adjust the details.

What We Think

When it comes to finding a universal EHR software to serve all your needs, you must search through the features each popular tool has to offer. There are not many software programs with the ability to do it all, but PointClickCare is close.

This popular and all-inclusive option is impressive. It offers features to cover all your long-term health care needs, from tracking important patient information to managing workflow activities to streamline productivity. Ratings and reviews are great, and it works for small businesses. The customer service is said to be wonderful if an issue ever springs up as well.

However, with Microsoft Excel integrations and mobile device capabilities. The cloud-based technology is great. It sets this software ahead of many competitors on the market and even aligns businesses who use it in healthcare management of the future. The only real question left to answer is whether or not the features you need to match up with the price.

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