For decades, we have been watching the way technology impacts our society. One of the biggest changes we've seen is that everyone's information is available to anyone. And when it comes to health information, this can be detrimental. Because of that, Release of Information, or ROI, companies have been created as a third party to ensure the privacy and protection of your private health information. Repeatedly, MRO Medical Records has proven to be the best in the industry.

When it comes to ensuring protected health information, or PHI, will get to the right people, at the right time, under the right circumstances, MRO is the only option.

About MRO Medical Records

MRO works by pairing with healthcare organizations to distribute compliant portions of PHI to the correct party. Through technology and innovative workflows, MRO Medical Records' services can be deployed in a number of ways to create a streamlined process for your healthcare organization.

Tradition Versus Innovation

In traditional Release of Information settings, a request is sent out to a separate facility. On-site staff receive the request and determine whether it is HIPAA compliant. If it is not HIPAA compliant, the staff will determine the best course of action to satisfy the request without breaching confidentiality. Staff retrieve records, or portions of records, creates invoices and fees, and delivers records to proper individuals, all while documenting everything that happens on each case.

This traditional way of servicing ROI requests leads to delays, mistakes, and breaches of confidentiality. However, by using innovation and the core values of service and quality, MRO Medical Records is able to create an ROI system unique to each healthcare provider's needs.

How MRO Differs

MRO Medical Records has a different workflow. Any staff associated with MRO, whether considered staff of the healthcare organization or MRO, is given the directive to only focus on service and quality. Instead of throwing ROI requests to a mass of staff workers to see the request through each step, MRO has created specialized teams to be implemented at different points in the life-cycle of an ROI request. MRO partners with each healthcare organization to create a system specific to their needs to reduce turn around time and improve overall quality.

First, MRO takes ROI requests to their own central processing center where they go through a series of quality assurance steps. They make sure all PHI requests are valid and HIPAA-compliant and properly authorized. MRO Medical Records has staff specific to each step in the process to improve service and reduce mistakes.

Any calls or requests that come into MRO's central processing center about ROIs are received, processed, and documented by MRO's Requester Services team. This not only allows calls to circumvent your facility to free up your phone lines and staff, but it also means that MRO will be able to provide any callers with a superb level of service.

MRO's central processing center can handle invoicing, as well as the production and delivery of medical records. By removing these services from the healthcare provider's office, it allows for cases to be handled with increased efficiency and decreased errors.

Award-Winning Service

Klas Research is a healthcare data insights company. It specializes in analyzing various avenues of healthcare services. And, it has rated MRO Medical Records as the #1 ROI provider every year since 2013. This is because MRO consistently outperforms other companies in the field in every way.

MRO has managed a 99.999% accuracy rate for the release of records while simultaneously shortening the turn-around time using workflows recognized by the industry to be effective and cost-cutting. In addition, they use cutting-edge technology for breach prevention and to identify records that have been commingled and to eliminate the possibility of dual-logging.

MRO also has the lowest employee turnover rate in the industry, meaning that their employees are satisfied. This is important because dissatisfied employees do not often do their best work. MRO's transparency is enabled by the fact that they have consistent and respectful communication amongst their employees of all levels, and between their company and the world they service.

Furthermore, MRO has unique processes for hiring and training, leaving them with only the most competent and professional employees. These employees are given specialized teams in which to work to ensure that, no matter the stage your ROI requests are in, they are met with the most highly trained professionals in the field. Perhaps most encouraging is that MRO has an award-winning patient advocacy program, showing that they truly value the patient above all else.

Product Specs

Because many types of healthcare providers are out there, with varying levels of need regarding ROI services, MRO Medical Records has several types of service models to best fit the needs of their clients. These service models are scalable and flexible in their implementation and use.

Shared Services

Staffed Services

Centralized Remote Services


MRO Medical Records services medical providers, big and small, with a variety of add-ons to complete each of their several service models. Because of this, the price scale can vary astronomically. To receive an accurate estimation of what MRO's services could cost your practice, you should contact them for an estimate.

How It Compares

Although MRO Medical Records is changing the way electronic medical records are shared, they are not the only ROI company.  We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

Ciox Health Verisma

MRO Performance  

 Market Share  

Customer Satisfaction


  • Meets the clients where they are, and can restructure workflows to work around what each specific client needs
  • Able to provide high-level quality assurance
  • Creates specialized teams to address each step of the ROI process


  • Can be costly, especially for larger organizations

Ciox Health

Ciox provides quality ROI services in addition to research and data extraction.


Market Share  

Customer Satisfaction


  • Provides research services and assistance.
  • A large company with resources to match.


  • A sometimes over-stretched team working on your ROIs.
  • Lack of consistency in performance across fields.


Verisma's claim to fame is that it uses a coded system to process ROIs and check for HIPAA compliance and quality assurance and through this, they reduce costs by reducing the manpower necessary to complete a task.


Market Share

Customer Satisfaction


  • Reduces costs by using elite technology to sort and process ROI requests


  • Issues within the automated system take a prolonged period of time to correct.
  • Lack of manpower to amend issues.
  • sub-par quality assurance.


In comparison with other companies, MRO is in the lead with 4.6/5 stars in performance, customer satisfaction, and market value. While Verisma uses automated services to process ROIs, MRO uses teams of people who have been trained to specialize in a specific step of the ROI lifecycle.

What is perhaps the most telling is that MRO has the highest employee retention rate of any company in the field. Many companies are able to hide their dysfunction and lack of leadership while still providing quality service, and the tell is always in their employee turnover. MRO's employee turnover is so low that the only conclusion one can draw is that the company functions well and has happy and satisfied employees. Satisfied employees make satisfied customers.

Really, it comes down to what you value as a health provider. If you want to cut costs while putting the utmost priority on quality and service, then you need to go with MRO Medical Records, instead of another ROI service.

Keeping track of ROI requests and services can be difficult to manage as a healthcare provider. Why not let MRO do it for you? With service models that fit your needs, and add-ons created specifically for your organization, MRO Medical Records will save you money and time. Check out their website today for more information on what they can offer.

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