Data security is more critical than ever. And data security for medical records is a matter of law. Iron Mountain Storage provides long-term storage solutions for medical records and other data. Let’s have a look at how they can help you.

What: Medical Records Definition

Medical records contain patients’ medical histories. This includes complaints, examinations, physicians’ findings and treatments. It also includes prescriptions, lab results, medications, and more. All of this information together comprises patients’ PHI or private health information.

Electronic medical records management revolutionized record keeping. But it also presented new problems of privacy and security. How do you keep patients’ private information private, and still allow health care professionals to communicate freely about treatment? In conclusion, how can you keep your medical records secure, yet agile?

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How: Medical Records Management

Title II of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) contains five rules that affect medical records management. Chief among these are the Privacy Rule and the Security Rule. The Privacy Rule sets national standards for protecting patients’ private data. The Security Rule lays out rules for protecting electronic data. Fines for data breaches are stiff. In addition, some of them come with criminal penalties. As a result, your organization needs to have data locked down tight.

Medical records software must help a practice to meet HIPAA standards for data protection. First, EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software must keep patients’ PHI safe within the practice. In addition, EHR (Electronic Health Records) software must protect patients’ PHI during transfer between providers, labs, and outside affiliated businesses.

That’s fine for current patient information. But what about long term storage? This is where a company like Iron Mountain Storage can help.

Tape Vaulting

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Tape Vaulting is a strategy for securely storing data offsite. Tape vaulting allows you to back up your data and store it remotely. In addition, a tape vaulting service should allow you to access information when you need it. Stored on tape, in a vault, your electronic data is safe from fire, flood, and natural disaster. In addition, backing up your information this way protects it from hackers and hardware or software malfunction. Many companies run extremely secure, heavily guarded data security facilities. Let’s look at one.

Iron Mountain Storage Facility

Iron Mountain Storage offers a wide range of storage solutions. Their secure cloud storage protects data in multiple underground storage facilities. In addition, they offer advanced data encryption. And your data is guaranteed to be available when you need it. Their offsite tape vaulting service offers a comprehensive solution for transporting, storing, managing and retrieving your backup data. Furthermore, Iron Mountain guarantees that you will know where your data is at any given time. You will also be able to access your backup data where and when you need it.

In addition, Iron Mountain Storage has recently acquired a highly rated data centers company in order to provide greater security to customers around the world.

In Conclusion

Iron Mountain Storage isn’t the only long-term data storage company. But it’s well respected and highly rated. If you’re looking for an extra measure of security for your backup data, Iron Mountain Storage may have the solution for you.

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