EMR – electronic medical records – and their partners EHR, electronic health records, are big business. In 2016 over $34 billion dollars was spent on EMR and EHR, making medical and health record-keeping an industry unto itself – of course, that means competition from multiple companies that provide the digital services that are now standard in the medical industry.

In the field of healthcare information technology, HealthFusion ® provides software solutions that help medical service providers stay on top of patient data, as well as the constantly changing technology advances that are critical to business efficiency.

Long before government mandates required electronic record keeping for reimbursement of Medicare and Medicaid, medical service providers were making the transition from paper records to digital records. Paper records are bulky and take up time and space that can be better utilized. Moreover, electronic record keeping is more efficient and accurate, and ultimately offers a better flow of information between interested patient parties.

Since 2014, when regulations took effect requiring healthcare service providers to demonstrate “reasonable effort” in converting patient records to an EMR System, the market for EMR and EHR software solutions has exploded. It is believed that there are currently over 1,000 companies in the US alone that market and sell EMR software systems to hospitals and medical practices.

Health Fusion ®, founded in 1998 and based in San Diego, California, is a leader in the medical information technology industry. Focusing on making the practice of medicine easier and more efficient for doctors and medical professionals, Health Fusion’s software solutions integrate the best of business practice with superlative patient care.

Not All EMR Software is Created Equal

What makes HealthFusion ® different from other medical software providers is simple: the company was founded by doctors.

The two primary care physicians who started the business understand what doctors and medical providers need from their IT provider. They appreciate what information is most useful and how applied use of that data can optimize a medical practice.

Approaching software development from the end user perspective creates a unique and fully functional product that makes sense to the person actually using it.

HealthFusion’s software application, MediTouch, offers fully functional, cloud based information storage that is designed to be practice specific. This means that a podiatry practice, which has different software needs than an OB/Gyn practice, isn’t trying to fit their particular data into a one-size-fits-all software system.

Cloud Storage For Patient Records

Another significant feature of MediTouch software is the cloud based storage system. When data systems crash, the flow of business is disrupted. Having to rely on outside technicians to restore functionality and retrieve back-up data can cause critical delays in patient care.

With Cloud-based storage, MediTouch patient records are always available when needed, so practitioners can communicate from mobile devices and relay potentially life-saving information during an emergency.  Moreover, administrators and other front end users can process and file claims faster, which means providers get paid sooner.

HealthFusion ® integrates their MediTouch product with other EMR/EHR software systems, leading to efficient and productive workflow from beginning to end.

NextGen EHR Partnership

In January 2016, the parent company of NextGen EHR, Quality Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: QSII) acquired HealthFusion ® and its software product MediTouch. The acquisition was intended to provide more comprehensive software solutions to small and mid-size healthcare providers by expanding the product offerings through expansion of the company.  Going forward, consumer offerings of the product will be identified as NextGen® software solutions.

The integration of the companies will be seamless and no technology or service disruptions to customers are anticipated. The end result will be a fully integrated, 100% cloud-based EMR and HER software solution that can be utilized in all areas of medical and administrative healthcare practice.

Service and Technology Expertise

The defining features of MediTouch include ease of use, practice specific data fields, reduced integration challenges, and superior technical and customer support. MediTouch has been awarded Best In Practice by Medical Economics, and is one of the top rated EHR Systems. It has been recognized by the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Osteopathic Association, and the American Podiatric Medical Association as a best in class software solution for healthcare practices.

It has also been Certified Sage 2 Meaningful Use and is ICD-10 Compliant.

Under the parent company Quality Systems Incorporated, Health Fusion and MediTouch (operating as NextGen EHR) will continue to offer their superior software, along with technical and customer support, to a growing number of medical and healthcare provider practices.

The product’s comprehensive user experience extends beyond data entry and ease of use, and provides healthcare information that can save lives. And if all of these can be achieved while optimizing the business side of a practice, there really is no other software solution to consider.

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