What is an EHR system and why is it important to life saving technology?

EHR stands for Electronic Health Record. It is the digital footprint containing all medical and health history of individual patients for use within a healthcare system.

Just as there are multiple healthcare providers a patient can choose from, there is tremendous choice among EHR systems that healthcare and medical provider organizations can use for their patient tracking data.

Cure MD ™ is the leading provider of healthcare information systems and it’s transforming the business and practice of medicine.

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in New York City, Cure MD is a privately held, top ranked corporation that provides medical information software systems and solutions to healthcare and medical organizations of various sizes.

The company’s electronic health record software offers cloud storage solutions integrated with practice management, patient and provider portals, mobile access, and comprehensive health record inventories.

CureMD ™ works in partnership with HealthMatrix, DaVita, Mitochon Systems and SureScripts to advance the accuracy and transparency of critical patient information between systems and providers to ensure optimal business management practice and patient experience.

Through cultivation and development of relationships with other best-in-class companies, CureMD healthcare solutions leads the way in medical record IT software for clinicians, research institutions, and independent practices.

EHR Systems are Critical to Quality Patient Care

quality patient care

When it comes to patient care, knowing what to look for in diagnosis depends a great deal on medical history. Having immediate access to information allows the medical practitioner to identify red flags in care or prescription management, as well as improving the efficacy of communication between providing parties.

Additionally, EHR systems can reduce overall costs. Provider business costs go down when fewer mistakes are made and revenues increase when billing and reimbursement functions are streamlined. This cost savings is ultimately passed along to the patient who experiences higher quality of care at stabilized prices.

Complex Information Requires Sophisticated Software

As more information technology companaies become players in the rapidly expanding electronic health records industry, the margins for error in system use increase. Because of the complexity of EHRs and the volume of information contained in one patient record, EHR systems require greater code functionality in the software. This increases the potential for software flaws and failures.


sophisticated software

Providers need to know they can trust the accuracy of the information in a health record when critical care situations present themselves. A history of software failures or corrupted information can undermine the confidence and decision-making capabilities of medical care personnel, and can potentially cause the patient to choose a different doctor.

Cure MD® has a longstanding reputation as for developing EHR systems that address the concerns of end users for reliable and accurate information storage. Their software integrates efficiently with existing record systems to reduce inaccuracies or erroneous information. This attention to detail ensures that providers who choose CureMD for their electronic health record system management can diagnose and treat with confidence.

Synergy Between Software and Personnel

Other concerns regarding effective digital integration of patient records include proper use and on-going training of software tools. As patient record data grows in volume, the software must be able to effectively capture all documentation, as much as the person who is inputting the information has to appreciate the significance of data capture.  As cloning – or the copy/paste function as it is typically called by end-users – becomes a popular shortcut, the room for error in digital transcription increases.

Cloning can create redundant and outdated information, an inability to correctly identify author notes, and an erroneous field population resulting in poor patient care.  That said, it’s highly challenging to repair and restore corrupted data.

software and personnel

While these types of mistakes are directly attributed to human error, correcting the information oftentimes involves a technical level of intervention beyond the scope of end-users.

Cure MD® provides on-going technical and customer support so that work-arounds, downtime, and data revisions can be seamless and efficient for both providers and administrators.

Cure MD® Strives to Be at The Forefront of Patient Technology and Care

By working synergistically with all users of their proprietary software and systems solutions, CureMD is transforming the way medical practices communicate and treat patients.

CureMD technology

Constantly demonstrating its commitment to digital medial record submission and storage, Cure MD® strives to be on the cutting edge of technological and medical advances.  The company’s EHR Systems seek to provide the highest quality service to customers so information storage reflects the goals of each medical practice.

Investment in EHR systems and software is a significant part of healthcare organization’s budgets. Ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction is as much a part of Cure MD’s mission as is being at the forefront of patient care through technology.

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