Finding the best electronic health record management solution comes down to your specific needs, which are often dictated by the type of practice you work for. Small businesses and ambulatory services, for example, may have completely different needs than a large organization with a fat budget.

Read on to learn all about what Care360 has to offer both healthcare providers and patients before you take the time to integrate your entire system. Find out if this solution is right for you and explore what real users say about working with the platform. We have everything you need to make the best decision for your patients.

What is Care360?

Care360 is an electronic health record (EHR) management solution for the medical community. Created by Quest Diagnostics, it was voted one of the top 20 EHR software companies. This software can help any size practice manage day-to-day business, collaborate with co-workers, and provide customer support. It’s web-based and can be accessed on a tablet or PC so that data can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

The program was created with small practices, multi-specialty practices, and large medical groups in mind. With the goal of making medical facilities more productive and saving time spent on administrative tasks like logging data, healthcare providers can spend more time caring for the patients who need them. This program helps to:

  • Streamline workflow
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce data error rates
  • Help meet meaningful use qualifications

This EHR solution also knows the best way to increase workflow is to make communication in the healthcare setting easier. Technology can help everyone, even in a large practice, stay on the same page in less time. EHR helps by logging lab reports and medical histories. Features to aid in productivity and efficiency between both patients and co-workers include:

  • Documentation management
  • Tracking features
  • Messaging

But that’s not all! Quest Diagnostics’ EHR solution takes documentation management to the next level with e-Prescribing capabilities. Customizable templates allow you to manage electronic labs and prescribe medications online while ensuring these reports are more accurate than traditional paper methods, comply with updated government regulations, and increase the overall level of patient care.

Although this program can be used for all your needs and across a wide variety of specialties, it works best for some medical settings. It is said to be best for businesses of all sizes, but major specialty domains often fluctuate. Typical customers including the following:

  • Family medicine
  • Internal medicine
  • Primary care
  • Endocrinology
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Pathology
  • Pediatrics
  • Multi-specialty
  • Ambulatory

Today, this software is called Quanum. Formerly known as Care360, this EHR even includes educational content for patients, FAQ sheets, and helpful videos and webinars. The software may have changed its name, but it didn’t change the awesome features. In fact, it’s currently used by over 300,000 physicians in the United States.

All EHR solutions come with different features, so it’s important to know if a program has everything you need before you buy. This software offers the following features:

  • Chart management
  • Task management
  • Lab management
  • Report management
  • Referral management
  • Automatic refill requests
  • Electronic billing and claims
  • Insurance payment history
  • Electronic prescribing
  • Electronic labs, orders, and results
  • Automated alerts
  • Care planning
  • Patient education
  • Inter-office messaging

How Does It Work?

Users can sign in to Quanum from the website portal, where professionals can view analytics and insights needed to make lab test decisions, physicians can access clinical information and estimate patient costs, and patients can communicate their questions about lab results in a meaningful and secure way online.

Because the system is web-based, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. It even works with mobile devices and tablets, which makes it perfect for ambulatory services which may need access to a patient’s medical history in an emergency setting.

The e-Prescribing module allows medical providers to access medical history and other vital data and share the prescription directly with a pharmacy store, whether it be a hospital pharmacy in affiliation or a local pharmacy store of the patient’s choosing.

Professionals can view any patient’s history and follow up with them while patients view a portal that allows them to request refills and contact their doctors with around the clock IT support. You can even collaborate with co-workers in the office from various departments and communicate lab results to patients in an easier way.

What Makes Care360 Unique?

The best part about this software is that it’s fully-mobile secure. Small practices can keep your medical practice efficient and profitable on-the-go, and multi-specialty practices can communicate pertinent patient data with ease.

With mobile capabilities, you can access anything you need whenever you want. The cloud-based system allows all medical staff to access the software from their laptops, tablets, or smartphones even when they aren’t at work, and sensitive data can be taken with you anywhere without sacrificing security.

Patients can use their iPhone or Android to access the portal and connect with their health care providers in one place. As a patient, you can:

  • Receive a copy of the notes taken at an office visit
  • View a list of current medications
  • Find lab results
  • Send direct messages to providers on a secure platform
  • Share medical information with family members or other doctors
  • Set reminders to refill medications
  • Store in case of emergency information
  • See billing and scheduling information

This program can literally do it all. With so many features, medical providers can communicate with each other and order prescriptions from pharmacies quicker than ever. Plus, communicating with patients and being able to discuss lab results over the phone offers another level of patient care that was previously unheard of. The days of keeping paper charts are over, and sensitive data is more secure than ever.

Pricing Information

Like most EHR solutions, the company prefers to give detailed pricing information to customers on request. You need to contact Quanum to ask for your quote.

Some reviews mention that the price is affordable, but there may be added costs for upgraded features.

However, because Quanum is a web-based platform, the company allows practices to pay for using their services on a monthly basis instead of investing significant time and money upfront. This is great for many practices who want to try out an application before making any serious technological changes and training their entire staff in its practices without knowing for sure that it will be ideal.

How the Public Perceives Care360 (Other Reviews)

With so many features and awesome technological advances like cloud-based technology that works on any device, buying the software comes down to how well it works. The features are impeccable, but do they hold up? User reviews spill the beans on what using Quanum is really like.


One of the coolest features of this EHR solution is the e-prescribing capabilities, and users love how easy it is to use. There a lot of options when it comes to filling out patient history information, and the system makes it easy to carry over information or chart notes in one convenient location. Finding pending lab results is a breeze as well.

Running reports is faster and easier than ever, which can also be a huge asset in many practices. Making tasks like this easier allows medical providers to spend more time with the patients who need them, and steps up the quality of care that patients receive. Having care recommendations also helps providers close the gaps in patient care, another huge bonus.

Being able to work on a variety of devices is also a huge bonus for many people. Users love being able to work from an iPad app. You can access your results with ease on any device, at any time. You can also view labs and collaborate with co-workers, but users say they wish it had the ability to allow lab access for tests ordered by other professionals rather than contacting customer service to request them.

With so much capability, it’s surprising that providers say they have to wait for other doctors to fax labs to their office or contact support for labs from another office. Adding this functionality might set this software program apart from competitors on a grand scale.


Physicians who have used the system say the biggest con is that when the system goes down, you can’t access anything. No patient records, allergies, or prescriptions can be pulled up, and this can be a huge downside when technology crashes in a paperless world. Paying extra to upgrade your subscription is said to help with this issue, but many say paying the difference isn’t worth the price.

If the software malfunctions, you may just need to close for a few days until the issue can be fixed. Without being able to access vital patient data, most practices really have no other choice. Unfortunately, this problem is worsened by reports that customer support costs extra.

The price may be another huge con. While exact pricing information isn’t displayed online, reviews have said that the product coming at an affordable price is itself a trap. Users who choose this software for its low pricing may find they wind up spending much more on necessary upgrades just to keep the system running smoothly.

No backup support does not help these issues even more, which really makes this program unreliable for some settings

Who This Software Is Best For

Some patients have also said they didn’t enjoy using this online system, which is usually common in elderly patients. If your practice has a large number of elderly patients, you may not want to use this software. Non-tech savvy people have difficulty figuring out how to use the system in favor of calling to book appointments and discussing lab results in person.

Due to the cloud-based system being available on the device, ambulatory services find great uses for this platform. Being able to access a patient’s medical data on-the-go allows those who transport people from emergency scenes the ability to provide better, faster care. Being able to access key patient data at any time, from any location is vital for an ambulance service.

How Care360 Compares to the Competition

Two of the main competitors to Quanam are AdvancedMD and MDSuite.

AdvancedMD is a modular solution that can access patient data, track health and practice performance, remind patients to schedule follow-up treatments, and meet the needs of around 15 different medical specialties. It offers reporting tools that allow patients to track data and optimizes schedules as well, whereas Quanam does not offer this many features.

However, where AdvancedMD offers more feature that patients can play with to interact and report their health to professionals, Quanam offers executive dashboards that allow tracking of different performance KPIs. Plus, you have electronic claims and reimbursement as well as integrated document management. These features can be hard to come by otherwise.

MDSuite is designed to help medical practices handle EHRs and patient management, and it is also a cloud-based system that performs well on multiple devices. Like Quanum, it features medical charts, allows for appointment scheduling, comes with e-prescribing capabilities, and offers a portal for patients to communicate with medical professionals in a secure setting.

With all the things that make Quanum great, MDSuite lacks when it comes to handling the needs of larger healthcare organizations like hospitals. This product works much better when it comes to smaller practices or even ambulatory services.

Care360, unlike competitors, also offers a networked list of specialists for patients to refer to in specific medical conditions. Being able to connect to multiple doctors in one easy place easily is great in large settings.

What We Think Overall

Overall, this EHR software is a great option for many different types of practices, particularly ambulatory and hospital settings as well as smaller practices. While negative reviews have mentioned the inability to access any information if the platform goes down, some workplaces may keep backups stored elsewhere anyway. The e-prescribing and cloud-based integration set this platform above the rest.

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