The importance of medical records and their privacy cannot be overstated. A complete and well documented medical history is a necessity to give proper and lifesaving care to patients around the world. The implementation of a nation-wide system to gather that information and safeguard it against theft was and continues to be a daunting task.

As many of you know there is now an entire industry surrounding the management of health information. Medical Records Info will help you through the process answering questions many of us have regarding or medical history. Here are some of the most common questions raised when looking for data on Medical Records:

  • How long do doctors need to keep medical records?


  • Does a doctor need to keep medical records after the death of a patient?


  • What happens when a patient switches medical practices?


  • What happens in cases of litigation?


  • What is a “reasonable effort” to convert paper medical records to electronic media?


  • How do medical retention laws very from state to state?


  • What are some reliable data storage option both on-site and off-site.


  • What are HIPAA laws?


Whether you’re a new doctor or nurse, a patient, lawyer or student looking for information medicalrecordsinfo.com aims to educate, enlighten and sometimes entertain. Thanks for finding us and please come back and join us. If you have any question please don’t hesitate to reach out using the following email

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